Science and entertainment shows for Schools and Colleges!


Aligned with Schools syllabus a vast collection of shows tailored for kids from Kindergarten to Year 12. Show content and length are calibrated to suit younger audience.

Proven Learning

Audio visuals and interactive are the best form of learning methods for kids. The content is well received and processed by younger audience when visuals and audio are involved.


Kids love our large collection of animation shows that are story based narratives with the characters they are familiar. We are proving learning science can be fun!

Zero Logistics

We will come to your premise on the date and time that suits you. Which means neither logistics nor safety hassle and additional costs for you!

Sample of images from some of the shows in action..
Get in touch with our friendly staff for more details to organise a show at your premise on the day and time that suits you.
Sneak peak of some of the shows..




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